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We change the world through our ideas


We change the world through our ideas

About Us

Coviam differentiates itself on multiple factors to be your trusted partner. We protect your intellectual property aligning contractual agreements and teams

Unlike other technology partners, we provide full transparency on costing, compensation and people assignments. We have created an employer brand to attract the best. We use our process like CP3 and in-house proprietary tools for automation and DevOps to provide you speed to market. All this with an open environment and innovation driven culture assure you the very best in outcomes

Speed to market

With its proprietary development paradigm Captain P3, acceleration tools like AutoMi and a comprehensive DevOps practice, Coviam has been benchmarked for its speed to market improvements up to 92%, without sacrificing on quality

Transparency in pricing

Coviam provides for a complete above board transparent pricing mechanism. We get the pricing / costing aspect out of the way upfront to avoid any second guessing - so that all stakeholders can focus on achieving the best outcomes

Value focus

We strive to bring you greatest value at a lower price than most flat pricing based outsourcing models. And why not, our quality and automation testing practices have been benchmarked to save you up to 62% of costs

Robust platforms

Anyone can code, but only a few can build scalable, maintainable and robust software. Our teams are experts in developing technology ground up, backed by seasoned leadership, a cool open environment and accelerator functions and tools


We automate, automate, automate – from DevOps to a complete and comprehensive automation testing platform that is benchmarked to save your costs up to 62% and improve your speed to market by 92%


From formal weekly reports to participation in daily huddles to a risk determination framework, we assure you of always being on the right track

Talent selection

We are pioneers in talent selection. The selection process is rigorous and encourages skills and behavior development through our proprietary on-boarding programs and employee engagement practices. Our Net Promoter Score is a high 9/10

Culture and environment

We have fostered a culture of innovation and have provided for an environment that fosters open interactions and higher productivity

All practices in-house

Design labs, UX/UI, performance engineering, devOps, network engineering, platform architecture and testing automation are all in-house, staffed by experts in their domains to construct, guide and assist in all ways for exceeding your objectives

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