Stuff we do

Ask questions that no one has asked before

Stuff we do

Ask questions that no one has asked before

Leapfrog Technologies


Bots are the future for intelligent customer service and support as new technologies that evolve on the mobile take center stage. Bots for answering questions, internal and external FAQs, service requests, service queries and completion status. Bots are also positioned for customer sales - communicating aspects of new products, sales and discounts and to drive growth in a non-intrusive manner.
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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We are deep domain on Machine Learning as a practice for business and product domains. We have our own proprietary sentiment analysis tool, interest maps, social media aggregation, NLP, search and recommendation engines.
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People Engagement

The biggest challenge faced by organizations today and a key success factor for sustainability tomorrow is how to engage and enhance the talent and productivity of the millennials, who will comprise of 75% of the workforce of tomorrow. Coviam has developed a unique platform for broad based engagement that utilizes machine learning and analytics, which provides access to rich insights on your most important constituency - your people.
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Accelerate growth and speed to market


Coviam’s automation platform AutoMi provides a proven 62% cost savings and 92% increase in speed to market. AutoMi delivers robust, error free, record and replay platform for all testing needs including sanity, build verification and full regression. Automi automates automation testing without the need for automation engineers. Businesses can now test any platform, for any device, for any browser - be it web, iOS, Android or even APIs, with click recording and automation framework technologies.
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DevOps has become as important as infrastructure virtualization and is the key element to providing robust development and deployment frameworks without human intervention. Agile processes demand short span periodic or continuous elevations to environments and DevOps almost eliminates the chance of human error making agile software development more robust and tuned for speed of Agile.
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Enhance and Sustain


We design, develop and maintain apps, platforms and experiences for every size and type of mobile device in the market. Our expertise includes all types of interfaces in native and responsive web design. Our design lab works with our QA, Automation, DevOps and other practices teams, to create apps of today and platforms of tomorrow.
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Process and Governance

Enterprises have a hard time tying innovation together to bring sanity into short span cycles that lead to long term benefits. How is governance formulated and applied beyond the confines of steering and operational groups, to make it more relevant in high speed markets and innovation cycles, is tackled with ease without P3 practice.


eCommerce and eInteractions

We are building exclusive proprietary products for end to end eCommerce. We have a full range of pedigree Product Managers and Technologists that represent the very best in the industry


We are pioneers in using IoT. We are working to leverage supply chain management transformations from decision support to simulation, costs optimization, modelling and predictive capabilities, service levels tracking and enforcements in near real time


We are actively involved in building payment platforms, gateways and digital wallets for a range of eCommerce, mobile pay, NFC and other emerging platforms to define the future of money and payments

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

We are platform builders that have succeeded in building robust, scalable, end to end platforms for all your supply chain and logistics needs

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